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About me

Founder & CEO (Hey Jo 2011-2021) sports fashion brand.

Whilst raising four children in London with my husband of over thirty years, I left the world of interior design, to create a brand. Hey Jo encompassed my three passions: fitness, design & fashion, responding to my belief that women wanted to wear something other than black on their legs whilst being active. My biggest takeaway from all the experiences this incredible decade gave me, was understanding that what I valued most, were the ‘coaching’ relationships which were naturally formed along the way. Having learnt the art of coaching, I consider it to be even more useful than luxurious sports leggings.

Coaching with me is a collaborative, confidential space for self-exploration. By examining your beliefs and values, and exploring and reshaping areas of your life, we will establish aims and ambitions and look at what steps are needed to achieve them.

I understand that every individual possesses their own unique potential. However, various factors, such as our experiences and environment, can impact our development and limit our future opportunities. That’s where coaching comes in – it provides the necessary support to help us unlock our full potential and connect with the best version of ourselves that may be buried beneath layers of doubt or fear.
Through confidence coaching, you can tap into your inner resources and gain the clarity and guidance needed to move forward in your personal and professional life. I invite you to explore my website and learn more about my coaching services. Together, we can work towards unlocking the greatness that lies within you.


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